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Hi Everyone!

I hope all are well.  I wanted to apologize for not updating last night.  While on vacation a work emergency came up that I have been dealing with since I came back.  I promise as soon as I get some free time I will post another episode.  I know, we’re getting close to the end of season 2.  

I will try to find some time tomorrow.

Until then,


Text 8 Jun 2 notes Go Fish…final thoughts

I have to say, that is one of my least favorite Buffy episodes.  It feels kind of stuck in at the last moment to fill a spot before the two part season finale.  With how many really great episodes this season, it just pales in comparison.

But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have redeeming values.

As I said, I truly believe we see Cordelia at one of her sweetest moments.  The editors get a new clip of Xander to use in next season’s opening (they use the clip of him walking in the swim trunks…right?).  And we get to see Buffy beat up a guy who tried to force himself on her.  All in all, definitely some worth while moments.

So, with that, I leave you.  Next week’s episode is going to be postponed until Saturday…I will be out of town Thursday and Friday and thus unable to do it.  But when I get back, I will make it up.

Until then,


Text 8 Jun

And we get the red herring of the episode.  But if someone is just passing through, I’ll hide it under the cut.

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Text 8 Jun

I just have to pause for a moment and say “the song that starts this is soooo mid-nineties”.  It brings me back.


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Text 7 Jun Go Fish…

And we’re getting close to the end of Season 2 and the resolution of season long story arc. 

But before we get to that two part finale…we get an episode about fish. 

Well, about swimmers who become fish. 

I remember this episode but I don’t remember it.  When I think of this episode I can’t get the image of Xander in his swim suit out of my head. 

This should be interesting to see if it’s one last “one-shot” episode before the finale or if they are pulling what they did with the last two episodes, where they are hinting at the overall story arc.

Let’s find out.

Live dissecting starts now…

Text 7 Jun

Live dissecting for tonight’s episode will begin momentarily.  :-)  See you all in a few.

Text 1 Jun I only have eyes for you…final thoughts

And the episode is over.  We saw a lot of character development, a lot of foreshadowing, and a lot of ghostly activity.

I don’t have too much more to say about this episode, because I’ve said all I thought about it in the posts.  But I will open this up to everyone.

What do you think?  Is there anything I missed?  Is there anything you’d like discussed more?

Just let me know.

Until next week,


Text 1 Jun 1 note

And we get a scene with a lot of snakes.  Not to go all psychology on you, but usually snakes represent the male member.  And we know that it’s the ghost that sent the snakes.

And at this point (I can’t remember if it ends up being this way), we think that the boy is the ghost.  The male who has issues with a woman loving him.  You could almost say he feels his manhood is in question.

And then he sends snakes.


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Text 31 May

And like so many other episodes, we start with a band on stage in the Bronze.

But it’s an interesting choice because it’s a slow song.  Couples are slow-dancing, arms around each other.  It has a romantic atmosphere (hence the title).  They are setting up the idea of love.

Then immediately after, we see a lone Buffy, looking out over the crowd.  But then a man (who looks somewhat like Angel) comes up to her to ask her out to a dance, which she promptly turns him down…saying she is never date again.


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Text 31 May I only have eyes for you…

Good evening everyone, and welcome to this weeks live dissection of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  Tonight’s episode is the 19th episode of the second season and it deals with ghosts and love.

I wonder how that’s going to play into the overall story arc of this season.

We will find out.

An interesting side note for all of you who don’t listen to older music.  There was a song from many decades to go that’s chorus was “I only have eyes for you”.  If you can’t guess, this episode is named after that song.  Which plays into the idea of never ending love and also the past.  Something this episode will undoubtedly deal with.

Live blogging starts now…

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